Calculation of percentages
Did you know ? The rules that mathematical logic derives from the research of thinking are analogous to the rules of mathematical, especially algebraic, operations. The task of mathematical logic is actually the same as the task of traditional logic, namely to develop procedures by means of which we could verify the correctness of our logical conclusions, or in other words, by means of which we could distinguish valid conclusions from invalid ones.

Calculation of percentages

Percentage increase

Percentage change

Direct proportion

Indirect proportionality

Share in percentage

Profit from interest

Price without VAT

Price with VAT

Trade margin


Discount in percentage

Geometric calculations
Did you know ? The oldest signs of geometry can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The Rind Papyrus describes a strikingly accurate method of calculating an approximation of Ludolf's number, with an error of less than one hundredth. The Rind papyrus also describes one of the first attempts at squaring the circle, as well as a certain cotangent analogy.

Center of the triangle

Angles of a triangle







Sphere segment



Circular segment

Physics calculations
Did you know ? Physics is a natural science that deals with the study of nature and its laws using mathematical models and experiments. Physics deals with various fields such as mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and many more.

Newton's law of motion

Work done by a force

Kinetic energy

Gravitational field

Conservation of momentum

Newton's second law

Oscilating object

Law of Gravity

Snell's law of refraction

Electric potential

Ohm's law

Coulomb's law